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We have devoted some years now to our expansion into foreign markets as a result of our commitment to our company and our desire for new challenges and opportunities.

Since 2002 we have incessantly worked on commercial strategies, shipping samplers and creating contacts in the most demanding markets and we have succeeded in exporting our products to the following destinations: Australia (Riverina Workwear), Canada (Concept House, Arrow Specialties), the United States (Mid Eastern Advertising, Adform Advertising) and England (Baca, V-Tech, Stronghold, Brand Art).

To be able to enter these markets, our products had to be certified with international quality standards and they were tested by the laboratories of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI, Miguelete Technological Park (Building 15), Buenos Aires, Argentina) as well as by Intertek Testing Services, Centre Court, Meridian Business Park, Leicester LE19 1WD, England. Both institutes are certified by UKAS Testing.

The standards certified in England are:

· BS EN ISO 6330
· BS 4407
· BS EN ISO 105 E01
· BS EN ISO 105 C06
· BS EN ISO 105 X12 (Dry and wet)
· BS EN ISO 12947

And the Argentine equivalents are:

· IRAM - INTI - CIT G 7811 (1996)
· ISO 1833 (1997)
· ISO 105 E01 (1994)
· IRAM - AAQCT B 13550 (1994)
· IRAM - AAQCT B 13519 (1997)

This rewarding experience has encouraged us to continue working on exporting our socks and, as we are confident of the quality of our work, we aim at catering the most demanding brands and companies, which can rely on our expertise.



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